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Happy Halloween & Blogtober endings

Boo! Ghost by Chet & Dot

Woo, Halloween! I hope you have a spooky-wooky evening. It’s also your last chance to get a free Ghostcard with any order (although, if you really want one later, just ask at checkout – I still have quite a few).

I’m not actually doing anything for Halloween – I mainly just like cute ghosts and I don’t limit that to one day. In fact, I started a cute ghost Tumblr recently so I can keep posting cute ghosts all year round without annoying anyone.

Today also marks the end of my month of daily blogging. I’m surprised both at how easy it was and how much I enjoyed it. I did have a lot of product news to pad it out but hopefully you enjoyed it too? I don’t plan to carry on, but I will try and post more regularly if you’re not sick of me. What do you say?

PS. Be sure to check back tomorrow as something big is happening…

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