Japan Links #2

Another irregular round-up of cool Japan-related stuff.

Yes, those are Totoro cream buns! Another place for the future itinerary – Shiro-Hige’s Cream Puff Factory near the Ghibli Museum. If you don’t think you could eat a Totoro (especially one with a tiny hat), they also bake cute Ghibli cookies. Photo by Rocket News, who have a full report and more pics.

The view from the new Tokyo Sky Tree is pretty amazing. Muza-chan posts a Japan photo every day and they’re usually great.

Another of my Next Time in Japan picks was the Tokyo Art Book Fair. Ros posted a nice report on this year’s event over at Poppytalk

And finally, check out all these photos from the amazing Aranzi Aronzo Cafe! Usagi cake! Panda pancakes! Kappa matcha latte! Not to mention all the adorable plates and signage. Surprisingly, this is not in Japan but in Taiwan, sadface.

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