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Productivity Week & Pocket Ghosts

For some reason, I have been extremely productive the last week. Friday was particularly crazy – I woke up with a new product idea and had researched, costed, designed and ordered it by the end of the day. And then while designing one part of it, I realised it would make a great fabric design and had to quickly slap together a mockup so I wouldn’t forget. More on all that in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, I also got around to making some more Pocket Ghosts! I made some last year for a giveaway and always meant to make more. These ones are available in my shop and there’s just four. They’re all different so if you want a specific one, you might have to get in quick! As with last year, they each come in a little gift box along with a set of spooky wooky stickers.

Plus, there’s still free Ghostcards with all orders!

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