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Washi Tape Journal

Jenna recently blogged about her washi tape journal (pictured above), where she collects little pieces of her (enormous!) collection of cute masking tapes. I immediately decided I need to borrow this idea. While I love washi tape and deco tape, I am strangely able to resist it for the most part. Usually because it ends up costing so much with shipping. If there was a shop nearby with a big selection I’m sure this would quickly change!

I’m also good about using my tape – as previously mentioned, I’ve been making an effort to use up my cute tape on shop orders so other people get to enjoy it too. Keeping a little bit of each as a reminder will make it even easier to carry on with this.

At the moment, everyone’s getting frog tape on their parcels and when that runs out I’ll be down to my last couple of rolls. Here’s a few cute tape designs I might splurge on next. (note to friends – washi/deco tape is a good gift since I can use it)

galaxy | rainclouds | clouds | artbox pandas!

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