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Christmas Comparison

At the weekend, I made new festive banners for all my stores on other sites. This always takes longer than I think because the sizes are all completely different. I thought it might be interesting to compare my storefronts on the big three marketplaces – Etsy, Folksy and DaWanda. These screenshots are all of the same size area – pretty much what someone with a largish monitor would see without scrolling (or two screens if you have a wee laptop like me).

DaWanda is clearly the best with a huge banner and a big personal avatar – both way bigger than the DaWanda logo. You also get a ‘shop window’ at the top to highlight some products. Another nice feature way down the bottom of the page is that it shows feeds from my blog and Facebook page.

Etsy has a pretty small banner and a teeny weeny avatar, and you can have four featured products at the top.

Folksy has a miserly banner that’s almost smaller than their own branding, a small avatar and no featured products. I was also surprised that you can only see SIX products altogether compared to DaWanda’s 12 and Etsy’s almost 16.

Which one looks most inviting to you? I’m afraid this has been another nail in the coffin for Folksy – I’m seriously considering ditching it once my pro account runs out.

Of course, the best one is my own store, where I can do whatever the hell I like on my homepage :)

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