Let’s Talk About Kindles

(Kindle case by ROHR)

While any unexpected windfalls generally go in my Japan fund (or towards my tax bill), I thought I’d buy myself a gift with part of my Amazon commission to mark such an exciting milestone. Completing the circle, I am getting a Kindle! I’ve been low level considering one for a while but have always rejected it because I like real books too much. But it does seem like a Kindle could be the solution for a few of my ‘problems’.

1. The list of arm-breakingly heavy fantasy doorstops I intend to buy to finish off a few series.
2. The ever-growing list of books I want to read but don’t want to own.
3. The obscure/old/out of print books I’m unable to find.
4. That I go on a lot of trips, journeys and holidays on my own.

By the sounds of things, a Kindle is ideal for all of these. I do have the Kindle app on my iPhone but it’s so small and the screen is too bright for my weakling eyes.

Sadly in the entire two days I spent thinking about this and going to have a look at one, the new Paperwhites all sold out. I’ve now got one on order and should get it in December, hopefully in time for my trip to London.

I know a few of you have Kindles – any tips? I’m unimpressed by the selection of covers and cases for a start. I do love the felt one at the top of the post but I think I need something that doesn’t have to be removed for reading. Zazzle actually do nice ones but, bizarrely, they’re only for original Kindles even though the manufacturer makes them for all versions.

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