Wish List

This one is for my friends and family since I am generally considered a fairly difficult person to buy gifts for because a) I am too good at finding exactly what I want and buying it and b) I am still in Project Clearout mode and don’t really want more Stuff.

Luckily for everyone, I am a big fan of Amazon Wish Lists. I’ve long had a public Wish List of books, DVDs and music, which friends, family and workmates use, and which is also great for small web job bartering. I recently added a new Universal Wish List, where Amazon let you add stuff from any website. That means I can keep track of all my random wants and people can even buy from actual shops instead of online. If you’re wondering what I might like for Christmas, well now you know! It’s just a shame people can’t gift you ebooks as I have a new Kindle to fill, but gift vouchers are always gratefully received :)

If you’re also a fan of the wish list, there are of course buttons on all the product pages in my shop so you can add stuff to your own Amazon Wish List. It’s always nice seeing a wish list as a referrer on a sale as I know that’s off to a good home.

(Images from the makers – check my Wish List for shopping links)

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