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It’s been busy times lately, and it’s only going to get busier according to my diary. I might not have a lot of time for blogging this month, but you can always catch me on Instagram and Twitter. Here’s a quick run down of what I’ve been up to. The above is from my day trip to Edinburgh last weekend, where I mostly shopped for gifts. I did take the bus over to the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, which I remembered being amazing when I visited in art school. Sadly there were no miracles there as it was mostly in between exhibitions but at least the grounds were interesting. The installation is by Nathan Coley.

The bus back paused helpfully to give me a view into Bibi’s Bakery so I doubled back and picked up some cupcakes, which were amazing, particularly the chocolate one with actual cheesecake inside. On the right, my wonderfully warm furry panda hoodie that I didn’t buy in New Look a few weeks ago and then panicked and went back for. I love it.

 Much of my time is being spent packing orders (hurray!), especially 5 Year Diaries, which are proving to be big in Germany. You’ve only got a few days left to get one yourself! I am cheering up your parcels with colourful masking tape and these cute Christmas mini cards I got free from Moo.

More purchases: new shoes! and a drawer unit for my IKEA shelves, which means my tools and sewing projects are all tidied away neatly. I hope I can get back to dressmaking over my Christmas break.

You can find me on Instagram as marcelinesmith. I had to make my account private but I accept follow requests from everyone who isn’t an obvious spammer!

ALSO: Day in the Life alert! The next day is this Saturday, 8th December. Do join in.

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