Making Notebooks

When you only notice you've run out of notebooks when you're packing orders and have to quickly print more...

I have a bad habit of not keeping an eye on my current stock, which sometimes means I am still making your order minutes before posting it. That happened with my notebooks the other week and I took a few photos of the process.

Basically, I stamp them with my custom rubber stamps and then decorate them by hand.

cakeify notebook

 So. Cakeify gets coloured in with coloured pencils and a heart added.

bread slice notebook

Bread Slice gets painted with watercolour paint.

jammie dodger notebook

And Jammie Dodger gets a felt heart glued on!

As you can see, each notebook is very slightly different so you’ll always be getting a unique one. There’s a few of each available in the shop now.

PS. Don’t forget to enter the calendar giveaway! I’ll be picking winners at the weekend.

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