Visit Japan with Hello Kitty

visit japan with hello kitty visit japan with hello kitty

This new mobile app quite literally lets you hang out with Hello Kitty in Japan, and bring back the photos to prove it. Created for the Japan National Tourism Organization, Visit Japan with Hello Kitty includes sightseeing tips for all regions of Japan with a cute themed Hello Kitty to match. You can ‘check in’ to the places you visit to keep a record of your trip, and if you take a photo at specific places, Hello Kitty will appear so you can include her in your holiday snaps. It also handily tells you about any nearby Hello Kitty stores so you can go shopping too.

visit japan with hello kitty visit japan with hello kitty

If you’re bringing your kids to Japan, I think they would get a lot of fun out of this. Older kawaii fans will enjoy it too as each place has some explanation of local foods and festivals and it’s always fun seeing Hello Kitty pretending to be a squid or a deer or Natto. There’s a good mix of sightseeing ideas, although only 50ish altogether for the whole of Japan – if you’re only staying in Tokyo it might not get much use.

However, it is free so you’re not really losing anything by giving it a go. It’s available from the App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. (This app is no longer available)

I would say that I will try this out in Japan but it seems like the sort of thing I would completely forget about when I was in the right place. Maybe they could add location alerts in a future update?

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