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A few notes and links for zine fans:

1. My Kawaii Japan book and  Tokyo Shopping Guide are both now available as ebooks on Amazon, Lulu and the Kobo Store. Apple’s iBookstore is being very picky about details but my shopping guide is up there and the book should be accepted soon. You can download a free sample from most of those sites. I’m trying to to keep prices consistent but I don’t have a lot of control so shop around!

2. I’ve started reviewing zines again at the Pushpin Zines Tumblr. If you’re looking for some new reads then come on over.

3. My Glasgow guide zine is now FREE to download. It’s a bit out of date and I don’t have the time to update it so help yourself. It’s still very usable – it’s more that there’s so many new places and a few of the old ones have closed or moved.

4. Printed copies of my Tokyo Shopping Guide are running very low. I will be reprinting it but they might be unavailable for a short time while I make some minor updates. If you need a copy for your upcoming trip then don’t wait too long!

5. And finally, speaking of Tokyo guides, Ebony of Hello Sandwich has a new print guide up for pre-order. It’s quite pricey but looks like it’ll be packed with info.

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