Adventures in Cross Stitch #2

cross stitch

After successfully completing my Christmas Pudding ornament kit, I may have gotten ahead of myself and ambitiously bought some cross stitch kits on a Hobbycraft jaunt with Claire. With a few birthdays coming up, it seemed like a fun way to make something personal and keep me busy when watching TV.

J Coaster

The first one I finished is a pocket mirror kit with initials and a really pretty flower border. I actually enjoyed this a lot, even with the trials of dark fabric and the green bits being just one strand of thread. I still dislike following a chart and splitting the thread into strands, but I liked this enough I ended up making two! You get just about enough thread and fabric to make two, though obviously you have to buy another mirror.  The chart includes all the initials so you can totally carry on making even more if you buy more supplies.

rose coaster

The second is a coaster kit and I actually started it first but got very frustrated. If you look very hard you might be able to distinguish the difference between the 5 shades of pink/red, or the 4 shades of green (no, really, there are 4!), but it caused me a lot of headaches trying to figure out which thread colour I was using. It turned out okay in the end though, and the coaster itself is really nice quality. This is for my Granny’s birthday, as previously mentioned. It’s still a few weeks away but she doesn’t have the internet so we’re safe enough.

Both kits are by Framecraft and though I got them at Hobbycraft, you should buy them from Sew and So as they have a much better range, plus extra supplies. They’re also cheaper and their postage rates are amazing. I get all my tapestry wool from them.

I’ve been working on some cross stitch patterns myself and hope to share those with you soon. Meanwhile, I am definitely looking for a new tapestry project.

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