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Friday Catch Up #8

Yay! Bartering design work for apple shoes is pretty much the best thing ever.

What have I been up to this week?


My new apple shoes! I love to barter for wee design jobs that are essentially favours for friends and make sure my Amazon wish list is always topped up with things I want. It’s always exciting getting surprise post after all, and I have quite a few cool books now that I might not own otherwise. Shoes, though, that’s even better! These are Rocket Dogs (my favourite brand of shoes) and all the designs in this range are awesome.


I got lots of awesome books this week from Claire including The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, Bad Astronomy and this book of illustrated maps I have coveting for a while – it’s even better than I imagined! I also reorganised my bookshelves at the weekend and I’m a bit horrified at the size of my to-read pile now that I’ve become obsessed with my Kindle. I really need to do some kind of book review round-up soon.

Sales, Offers and Reminders

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