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Friday Catch-up #9

Tiny mountain brooch

What have I been up to this week?


My tiny mountain brooch by Ugly Bunny, another gift from Claire. Apparently it’s my second birthday of the year. I’m good with that – the weather is much nicer, mostly. This brooch has been on my wishlist for a long time and it’s even cuter in real life. I’ve put it on my rucksack.


Relish by Lucy Knisley. I have some proper book reviews coming up soon, but you should just go buy this now. It’s a graphic novel that’s part memoir, part cookbook and brilliant from start to finish. I’ve also been skim-re-reading a few books after another big bookshelf clearout but they all ultimately made it to the charity bag. I actually now have gaps to add more books!


I loved the first Veronica Falls album and pre-ordered the new one Waiting For Something To Happen, but then I didn’t really like it. But about ten listens later it’s totally clicked. It’s just a bit more polished and grown-up, but that’s good too. Timely reminder to give things a chance.


Star Trek Into Darkness, in about 2 hours. Quite excited.

Sales, Offers and Reminders

There’s no offers on anywhere this weekend, so take 10% OFF anything in my shop with the code MAYHOLIDAY until the 27th.

UPDATE: There’s 20% OFF iPhone cases and t-shirts at my Zazzle store until the 20th with code CASETEEPOSTR.

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