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Friday Catch Up #12

Definitely my favourite bit of my room now.

What have I been up to this week?


Pretty much a repeat of last week, since I finally finished framing the last two bits of artwork on my walls, including my perler bead Arecibo message as promised. I’m always amazed at quite how much of a difference it makes having proper mounts. I’m also going to recommend Picture Lizard again – they do made to measure everything for framing and it’s all pretty affordable. This is definitely my favourite area in my bedroom – you can tell because I keep it so tidy I could just take this photo.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I finally finished S7 so it’s all over. The ending was fine but I didn’t really enjoy the final 2 seasons. S5 had a great ending, they should have just stuck with that. Although, then we wouldn’t have had Andrew, who was the only awesome thing about S7. Lovefilm has decided I’m watching all of Dexter now – I’ve never seen any of it.

REEEEVEEEENGE! Er, I mean Revenge. Pretty much the funniest show on TV these days. S2 hasn’t been as good as S1 but it has gotten completely insane lately and the finale was great (if very stupid), plus they killed off all the boring characters so I’m excited about next season.

postal travels magazine

In the Press…

I have a feature in Postal Travels, an online magazine about penpals, letter writing and stationery. The two editors review my products, plus there some cool articles and tutorials. Have a read!

Inspired by…

This little video of Ink & Spindle hand-printing their fabric yardage, from Artisan Magazine. I love these girls and everything they do and it’s cool to see it how it all happens. I wish I wasn’t so terrible at screenprinting. Unfortunately, I lack the patience for accurate registration.

Screen Printing from Artisan Magazine on Vimeo.

Sales, Offers and Reminders

20% off my Kawaii Japan book at Lulu today only with code GLOW.
– The Kawaii! book giveaway at Super Cute Kawaii ends on Tuesday.
– If you missed it, my free June wallpaper went up at the weekend.

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