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Friday Catch Up #13

Yay, I started Animal Crossing! So nice to be back.

What have I been up to this week?

Instagramming (and playing)…

Animal Crossing: New Leaf! I will try not to post too many pics of my town but it’s all so fun! I haven’t played Animal Crossing since the previous DS game back in 2006 (and the Gamecube version way before that) so it’s really cool to be back and discovering all the new stuff. If you’ve never played AC, basically you move into a town populated by animal characters and you basically spend your time hanging out with them and other visitors, catching fish and bugs, digging up fossils and trying to earn enough bells to upgrade your house and buy cute clothes and furniture. In this game you get to be Mayor, which means you can add cool stuff to your town like a campsite or a cafe. It’s surprisingly addictive as different stuff happens every day and at different times. Today I get my tropical island and can go there for fun trips! If you want to keep up with my adventures, me and my sister have a joint Tumblr we’ll be updating sporadically – Quincy & Usagi. My town is called Usagi, obviously. It has no bunny villagers yet, sob.

animal crossing

This is my house at the moment. Still early days. Cool hat, right?


Bad Astronomy by Phil Plait. The book of the (awesome) blog, basically explaining a lot of things about how we perceive things on Earth (like twinkling stars and blue skies) and hilarious takedowns of stupid things like the moon landing conspiracy, Creationism and astrology. He uses Actual Proven Science to explain everything and it’s a great lesson in applying logical thinking (and maths) to figure out whether something is true. Unless you have a degree in physics, you’ll definitely learn something.

A Short History of England by Simon Jenkins. If there was one thing I learned reading A History of the World, it’s that my UK history had just as many gaps so I picked this up. It’s a really easy read and I feel like I have a much better idea of how everything connects now. I realise I left school at 16 but seriously what the hell were they teaching me in history classes? Clearly, nothing.

I also got a sneak peek at The Amateur Astronomer’s Journal, Neil Slorance’s new comic book. I suggest you pick up a copy. I can’t wait to read the rest!

Sales, Offers and Reminders

– There have been offers pretty much every day on Zazzle this week. They only last 24 hours so I can’t post them here but do sign up if you’ve got your eye on something in my Zazzle store.

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