Japan Links #9

tokyo craft guide

Some more Japan articles, links and news. Firstly, that Tokyo Craft Guide I mentioned last time is now available to buy as an ebook. It looks really beautiful and I’ll be picking up a copy to review soon. The guide is mainly for areas and shops off the beaten track so they’re also sharing info on some of the more popular places for free on the blog, including Wrapple and Marunan.

Japan Lover Me is a cute site I discovered recently with adorable design and illustrations. It also has guides to cute shops and cafes in Japan, like Chocoholic Patisserie Café in Daikanyama. Be warned, some of the posts are extremely photo-heavy but great if you like lots of info.

Tokyo Cheapo has a report on Meetrip, a site that helps you find local guides in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Okinawa. This sounds like an awesome way to meet some locals and perfect for those of us who don’t speak or read Japanese, plus it only costs $10-$20 per  tour.

If you’re shopping for gifts for babies and kids in Japan (or are a big kid like me!), this guide to toyshops at Surviving in Japan looks useful.

In travel reports, Alice is back from a month in Japan and blogging all about it at Quaint Living, plus I’m excited that Heather at Skinny Laminx is planning a trip this year. She has a great eye so I look forward to seeing her photos.

At RocketNews24, they’ve got 20 Factory tours in Japan worth visiting, and news about the upcoming live action film of Kiki’s Delivery Service! It looks like it might be pretty great.

And finally, these Suica penguin chocolate breads are possibly the cutest thing ever! They’re available from Edy’s Bread Mini shops in Ikebukuro Station and Iidabashi Station and I really hope I can try them next visit. Just look at that packaging!

suica bread

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