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My First Flickr Photo


I am enjoying this mini-meme of people posting the first photo they added to Flickr, even though it’s been instigated by rage at the redesign. I don’t really care either way about the redesign – I miss the old days when it was popular but it’s not going to make me use it more or less. If, like me, you have a Pro account, make sure you check if you’re eligible for a partial refund.

Anyway, my first actual photo (after a bunch of Animal Crossing screenshots) is the above view from my attic room in Renfrew Street in 2005. I actually just met up with one of my then-flatmates the other week which was cool. I still rate that as one of my favourite rooms I’ve lived in – I hope one day to have a book reading nook again.

Evil Seagull

Also worth mentioning is this photo from a few months later, which I often bring out to prove the existence of my seagull nemesis. It used to tap on the window to wake me up and also appear randomly and stare at me. It was total harassment!

(Also amusing – how tiny these photos are! It was my first digital camera.)

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