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Getting Better

My mum bought me a smoothie blender - got any good recipes? This is mango, lime and apple.

Hello! I’m feeling quite a bit better and hopefully I’ll be back blogging again soon. I had my mum looking after me last week and she bought me a smoothie blender since I’ve been low on potassium and eating a banana every day was getting very tiresome. I really like the one we got as the cup is part of the blender so it fits perfectly in the fridge, there’s hardly anything to clean up and the blender itself doesn’t take up much room either.


We’ve mostly just been chucking in whatever fruit was on hand and looking a bit tired but I am definitely looking for recipes, especially ones with vegetables and stuff. Once I’m properly better, I’m looking forward to trying to recreate my beloved lime slushies from Thailand too.

So, do you make smoothies – give me your best recipes!

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