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Well I feel a lot better now, which I think is partly due to these beautiful flowers. Aren’t they pretty?

As promised, I’ve re-opened all my shops. I’ve actually kind of missed packing parcels so go order things! There are still a few free badge sets available too if you spend more than £5. Big thanks also to those who ordered and had an extra long wait for post-hospital shipping – you were all totally awesome and understanding!

Sadly I haven’t made much progress with new products or characters this Summer but I have four collaborations in progress that should be producing some finished pieces in the next few months, so that’s something to look forward to. Plus Zazzle have launched some new products I can’t wait to add my designs to.

Blogging will still be a bit sporadic until I’m 100% better but I should manage a few posts a week so keep reading! I still need to sort through my holiday photos…

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