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Summer Holiday (Part 1)

Angel Bunny in the sand

I finally got to sort through my holiday photos and get them uploaded to Flickr. Looking at all these beaches is making me sad! Almost every trip I’ve taken in the last 2 years has been rainy or snowy or both so it was so amazing to have lovely hot sunny weather. I ended up getting to paddle (and once just about swim!) at five different beaches – this is Covesea near my hometown where we had a birthday lunch for my dad at the Tee Shack. Of course Angel Bunny had to get in on the fun.

West Beach

My hometown Lossiemouth famously has two beaches. The East Beach is the prettier touristy one by the esplanade. I hadn’t actually been for years as we are staunch West Beachers but we managed to wander over on a ridiculously sunny day where we had a lovely time, and got some terrible sunburn. I’ve been so good about sun block the last couple of years – typical that the one day I forget this happened!

Cake time! Afternoon Tea!

Obviously, we went on lots of cake excursions. Beaver Travel Cafe has good cake if you’re in Elgin and we also had a nice lunch at Johnstons Cashmere Visitor Centre, which has been there forever, but this was my first visit. I had afternoon tea and we got to feel up a lot of fluffy wool from various animals.

Angel Bunny topiary!

We also had a day trip to Cawdor Castle, of Macbeth fame – look, they even had some Angel Bunny ears topiary! The gardens were all really lovely – there’s a walled garden, a (sadly closed) maze and a sort of sculpture garden, plus there’s walks in the forest. The castle interior is interesting too, especially since the current owner still lives in it so the mix of antiques and historical art with modern art and personal photos was really great. Even better, we spotted some llamas at a farm on the way out – so cute!

Bonus llama stop! Macbething it up at Cawdor Castle today.

There’s lots more photos on my Flickr and I’ll have another post or two up soon for the rest of the trip.


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