Japan Links #12

mister donut hello kitty halloween

Wow, I have a lot of Japan links saved up so this is a bumper edition. First, check out the Hello Kitty Halloween donuts at Mister Donut! Every year I get so excited about kawaii Halloween stuff and wish I was in Japan.

I hope Jenna tries them and blogs about it! She’s been up to some cool stuff recently including Candy Show Time, where you get watch cute candy being made and the Trick Museum on Odaiba, which lets you take crazy optical illusion photos. It looks really fun.

This Kickstarter for a live action Princess Mononoke fan film looks like it won’t reach the target, which is a shame as all the details are amazing. Go send them some money!

On the blogs, Jollygoo has some lovely photos and tips from Kagoshima (I must go!!) and Berrysprite posted some food photos from her recent Japan trip. RocketNews24 have a survey of kids and their mums’ favourite characters and it’s a surprising list. Who knew Qoo was so popular?

Sanrio are having a vote to pick their newest food-related character – I love Mt Fuji pudding and panda onigiri best but alpaca junk food is currently in the lead. (That has to be one of the best sentences I have ever been able to type). That link was via Kao-ani, who posts cute stuff regularly.

Serious Eats just wrapped up Ramen Week with some great posts. I enjoyed the guide to ramen styles, how to make ramen crust pizza (!) and a new set of instant ramen hacks.

And finally, remember the Thunder Dolphin rollercoaster we saw at Tokyo Dome with a track that goes through a building and a ferris wheel? We didn’t go on it, but now we can all pretend we did as RocketNews24 have videos from 10 unmissable rollercoasters in Japan. It’s pretty cool to watch!

Tokyo Dome City


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