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Busy Weekend

asking for trouble 2014 calendar

I put that extra hour to good use and got a lot done this weekend! As hoped, I knuckled down and finished my 2014 calendar design. I’ve had this layout in my head since last year so it was nice to finally put it together, and being able to take the design from my birthday calendar made it pretty quick to do. The 2014 with planet is my favourite bit though! You’ll be able to make it into a tea towel soon, plus I’ll have postcards and magnets available too.

Look who was in The Guardian on Saturday!

I was also surprised to hear from a friend that I was in The Guardian on Saturday! Well, my Spooky Wooky badges were, in this Halloween Tricks and Treats shopping feature. Quite exciting to be featured alongside the likes of Fortnum & Mason and Babar the elephant. I’d like to say this was part of some planned press campaign, but in reality I had nothing to do with it.

I also managed to take even more product shots, which are making my new Not On The High Street shop look really nice. I got my first two sales there already so it’s good to know the work is already paying off.

Now to get back to Renegade prep – only 11 days to go…

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