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Favourites of 2013: Music

End of year lists! I love reading them and I love looking back at all the awesome stuff I discovered so here’s what I enjoyed this year, starting with music.

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1. Perfume – Level3
Pretty much everything I like in a band – catchy tunes, the sort of experimental surprises that are unexpected for a top selling manufactured pop band (see also Girls Aloud) and costumes. It’s got everything from the Doraemon cartoon theme tune to a clubtastic 80s rave-up and I’m nowhere near bored of it yet.

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2. Mogwai – Les Revenants
I didn’t watch the TV show but this was a great soundtrack – nicely spooky and minimal while being very much Mogwai. Can’t wait for their new album in January.

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3/4. Pet Shop Boys – Elysium / Electric
Two great albums in the same year. I liked Elysium a lot, but Electric was proper old skool PSB and way more fun.

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5. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Nanda Collection
A bit patchy but the singles were all fantastic, and Mottai Night Land is definitely my favourite music video of the year.

Other good stuff: the Annie & Richard X EP, Veronica Falls, Little Boots.

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