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I’ve been planning this for ages, so I’m excited to finally get started! Kaiwa Japan* is a new series of interviews with creative folks who have visited Japan. I realised I’ve discovered a lot of interesting people who like Japan through my Tokyo Shopping Guide and this blog, and that a few of my real life friends have been visiting Japan too. I could read about peoples’ experiences visiting Japan for hours so I thought I’d find out a bit more. I’ll have the first one up shortly – I just wanted to post this intro separately.

I’ve got a big list of people I want to interview, but if there’s anyone you think I should add, feel free to email or leave a comment. I’m only going to feature people who don’t live in Japan as I’m more interested in what people choose to do when they only have a limited time there.

Check back soon for the first interview!

* Kaiwa means conversation, so the title is kind of Conversations about Japan, and also similar to my book Kawaii Japan. I’m afraid none of the conversations is between an onigiri and Mt Fuji, but I wanted to make a cute logo!

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