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New Badge Sets

5 A Day Badge Set

I wasn’t planning on adding any new products before I moved, but badges are so small and light, I couldn’t resist! I’m shaking things up on the badge set front, which should make things more fun for you.

Kawaii Japan Badge Set Bunny & Panda Badge Set

To start with, Instead of the usual four badges, my new sets have 5 badges and 2 badges. I feel like sometimes I’m forcing extra designs in to make it up to four badges and why bother? Let’s just have Bunny and Panda from SCK or the onigiri and Mt Fuji from my Kaiwa Japan logo. And how can you have a 5 A Day badge set with 4 badges?

Pick 'n' Mix Badges

Mix and match is the other big thing. I’ve brought back a few old favourites for my pick ‘n’ mix badge offer, so you can now choose from 42 cute designs in any combination you like! You can choose 1, 2, 4, or 10 badges and each will come nicely packaged. Great for gifts, favours and party bags.

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