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What I Got For Christmas

The rest of my haul. Muji & Paperchase ahoy :)

Okay, let’s do this, finally. I just want to recommend some of the awesome things I was gifted. Above is my actual Christmas Day haul (along with my Zoku). Most used – my lovely Muji touchscreen gloves. They’re not too warm, which is good as my hands overheat really easily, and the touchscreen pads work great (except when I keep expecting the fingerprint unlock to work, somehow). I have since thrown out every other pair of gloves I own. I did keep my pom pom mittens for snowmageddon situations.

My Piao tea infuser is also getting a lot of use – it’s basically a large glass beaker with a handle and then a bit that goes on the top where you put your loose tea and water. You leave it however long and then push a button and all the tea goes into the bottom. It works so much better than the other infusers I’ve used and it only makes a little bit at a time so it’s great for green tea – you can use the same tea leaves twice very quickly and have a whole mug. The teapot keeps it warm for quite a while, but I usually end up pouring it all into a normal mug and then borrowing the lid, which fits a mug too.

I got lots of cute Paperchase stuff, particularly the bunny USB stick keyring. I have it sitting on a shelf with other cute things and no-one would ever think it had files stored on it! Which is doesn’t actually, because I haven’t had a reason to use it yet. But at least it looks cute in the meantime.

Tiny Le Creuset!

I got this teeny tiny Le Creuset ramekin from my mum! It’s oven safe and everything, but I’m not sure what I could cook in it. It’s so adorable though so I’m thinking it might be good on the counter filled with fancy salt.

Now having second Christmas at home. How cute is that fox light?

And then I got this pile of awesome from Claire! Lots of bunnies and books – she knows me well. I read Hyperbole and a Half immediately and it’s as good as the blog ever was. I love that fox light too, and the handmade cloud!

Since we're half way through February, I thought I might start writing a blog post about my Christmas presents, including this cool guy by Julia Smith from @tinyotterpaws

Also a ceramic bear by Julia Smith. He’s so cute and tactile! We know Julia from the Craft Mafia days and she makes lovely things – check out her shop. This guy is guarding my books for now. I think that was about it – sorry this took forever. Thanks everyone who gave me gifts!


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