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5 Things to note (moving edition)

When in Helensburgh eat ice cream :)

I am actually moving now this week (yay!) so here’s how it will affect Asking For Trouble.

1. Apparently, my internet will be switched on the very day I move in (!) so hopefully I will be able to answer emails and the like without much of a break. Keep them short though, in case I’m on my phone. I type slow.

2. Despite the above, I will not be shipping orders again until March 31st to give me enough time to unpack everything. My main shop will stay open, but my other shops are on holiday, reopening around the same time. Digital downloads will be delivered as normal.

3. The Moving Sale will end sometime around the end of March, as will the giveaway. Get your orders and entries in! Also, I’ll be slow to approve blog comments, so don’t worry if yours takes a while to show up – I’m still reading and appreciating them!

4. This blog is definitely going to get a bit neglected over the next few weeks since, as well as moving, I have trips to Brussels and London coming up. I will try to at least have a couple of posts a week, especially if I can schedule in some of my half-finished drafts – at worst you can look forward to all the exciting stuff I’ll have to blog about once I’m settled in!

5. I will still be posting on Twitter and Instagram so make sure you’re following me to see what I’m up to day to day (probably eating more of that ice cream – living at the seaside is the best!). 

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