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Inspiration: Cotton + Steel

cotton & steel

A new irregular feature for me to gush about designers/companies that are so amazing I need to make sure you all know about them. I was excited to hear that a few US fabric designers including Melody Miller, Kim Kight (of True Up) and Rashida Coleman-Hale had started a collective called Cotton + Steel and watching them launch has been so exciting. I’ve been following Melody Miller’s career for a few years now and she’s always been inspiring, not just for her design work, but for her honesty about the ups and downs of a professional fabric designer.

The Cotton+Steel Story from Cotton + Steel on Vimeo.

Instead of just putting up with the problems in the fabric industry, she came up with the idea for a collective of talented women, pitched the idea to a fabric company and forged a whole new path. They’ve posted a series of videos about the company and their ideas and they’re so interesting. The way they get together and work collaboratively so that all the fabrics in each of their collections can be used together is so clever, and how each of them brings something different yet complementary.

Made in Japan: Our Manufacturing Process from Cotton + Steel on Vimeo.

Even better is the video showing the fabric manufacturing process in Japan, from the raw cotton right through to printing. If you have any interest in fabric, you really need to watch this.

Cotton + Steel just unveiled their fabrics last week so I’m looking forward to seeing all the detail shots. I will probably have to pick up some metallics as they’re so pretty and shiny. If you don’t have time to watch the videos, do check out their Instagram account, where they’ve been documenting the whole process. I can’t wait to see what they do next!

cotton & steel

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