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Make Your Own Doormat!

planet doormat

I have been trawling the internet for a doormat I liked ever since I moved house. I even looked briefly into DIY options but soon gave up on that when I stumbled across MyMat. They make doormats with your custom design or text and it only costs £29.99 including VAT and shipping!

doormat designs

Unlike most custom sites aimed at business customers, it’s really user-friendly with a design tool that lets you try out your design and see how it will look. I tried out a few of my characters and decided on my planet, both because it’s one of my favourites, but also it won’t show up much dirt. You can also just use text or basic symbol images.

mymat preview

This is what the final preview looks like. The mats are made with 32 colours so anything dotty will actually be a blend of two colours. You’re really best using a graphic image, rather than a photograph for the best results. After ordering, it took about two weeks to arrive and was delivered by UPS rolled up in a long box.

mymat doormat

Thankfully, it turned out perfect! Look how fluffy it is. I was impressed at how much of the detail of my design came through and how well the colours matched my original. The mat itself is good quality with a rubber backing, and can even be machine washed.


The only problem is that it’s far too nice to put out in my little porch, plus I’d be worried someone would steal it. So for now it’s sitting in the hallway.

If you fancy your own doormat, there’s a 10% discount available on their Facebook page, and if you’d like to use one of my characters, just email me and we’ll sort something out.

I didn’t get paid to write about this or anything – I just love my new doormat!

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