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Weekend Wrap Up


I’m back from my mini-holiday – sadly not to Hawaii (I took this in Stanfords, the amazing map shop in Covent Garden), but London and Leeds. I’ll be posting more about it next week but it involved Kyary Pamyu Pamyu live, Pick Me Up, the Deth P Sun exhibition and spending all my money in Uniqlo. So, pretty awesome.

Things I’ve enjoyed this week

One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories by BJ Novak
I am not someone who generally follows celebrities, but I do love Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak. They were my favourite thing about The Office and their public Twitter bickering is hilarious. With all that, I sometimes forget that they are both brilliant writers – BJ Novak recently published this book of short stories and I wan’t really sure what to expect. However, I loved it. The stories are clever and witty with unexpected twists, and short enough that you just want to keep going, ranging in length from a couple of sentences to a few pages. Definitely one I’ll be re-reading soon. You can read a few of the stories online here and here.
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World War Z
After enjoying the book, I thought I might as well borrow the film. It was a lot better than I expected, probably because I had heard it was atrocious. One does wonder why they even bothered buying the book rights though, since really the only thing it has in common with the book is that there are zombies in it. I did very much enjoy the sight of George Square (standing in for Philadelphia) being overrun with zombies – it even made up for all those weeks of bus diversions when they were filming it. The rest of it was alright too, if occasionally very very stupid, and the last third was amusingly too much like an episode of Doctor Who, both in scope and budget (and Capaldi!). Well done, I guess. It could have been a lot worse.

Links I Loved

Lucie Summers posted some of her work from the Make Art That Sells course. After seeing posts about this from Jannie Ho and Missy Kulik previously, I am considering doing this myself sometime. It seems like a great way to challenge yourself and try out new markets.

– Emma at emuse posted a fun tutorial for making your own set of russian dolls. I really want to do this sometime!

Offers and Reminders

– I’ve added a few new products recently, plus all my polymer stamps are back in stock. More new things soon!


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