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New Cookie Cute Gift Wrap

cookie cute gift wrap

I shared a bit of the process of designing it, and now my new Cookie Cute gift wrap is available to buy. As always, you can buy 5 sheets of wrapping paper for just £2.50 or a gift wrap set with tags and stickers for £3.

New folded tags and stickers Cookie Cute wrapped gift

I’m especially pleased with the new folded tags. I really hate making the old tags with string so I came up with this brilliant plan. They’re mini folded cards with a design on the front and inside, loads more room for a message to your giftee, and best of all, there’s a sticky dot on the back for easy application. Sometimes I am a genius.

Kokeshi Flowers wrapped gift

I hope you like the new design and tags – I’ve also added folded tags to my Kokeshi Flowers gift wrap sets. I may add them to the other designs, but more likely I will let them sell out and add new designs instead. So if you’re a fan of Cakeify & Friends, Kawaii Balloons or Cutie Fruity Friends, you should stock up as there’s not that much left of any of them.

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