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On-Demand Spotlight: Pocket Journals

zazzle pocket journals

I’ve been neglecting these posts since I moved house and there is LOADS of new stuff to tell you about, so let’s get back to it. First up, Pocket Journals! Zazzle added these recently and they look so cute and just the right size to carry around in your bag or pocket.

They have colour covers on all four sides (inside and out) and some of mine feature editable text too so you can add your name or project. Inside you can choose from blank, lined, grid or checklist paper to make it perfect for however you work. This is the absolute best thing about on-demand – I can’t offer my own notepads in all these paper variations but you are always asking for them.

cookie cute pocket journal

I’ve added 30 designs so far and there’s more to come. As always, if your favourite character isn’t there, just give me a shout and I’ll get it added.

Pocket journals cost $10.95 which is pretty good value, but look out for Zazzle’s regular deals to get them even cheaper.

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