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Sewing Notions co-ordinates fabric designs

I don’t have time to enter every Spoonflower contest, but I keep an eye out for any that look especially fun. This week’s Sewing Notions Co-ordinates grabbed my attention and I knew I had to try and put something together. I especially liked that you have to come up with 4 complementary designs to fit on one yard of fabric, as co-ordinates is something I’ve been trying to work on to improve my fabric design skills. As an extra bonus, I didn’t have to make them exact repeats, which is the really time-consuming part. Here’s what I came up with.


Zig Zag Vintage Buttons – button fans may notice there are lots of different buttons from my previous design. I’ve been meaning to use these extras in something for years so this was the perfect opportunity. They’re arranged in a zigzag pattern, like my sketchy polka dots.


Thread Spools – this is my second favourite of the four. It’s a simple design but I really like how it turned out.


Ribbon and Trims – this was a fun one to research and gives me a stripe pattern.


Dressmaking Pins – this is my favourite as it works as a pattern without even realising you’re looking at sewing pins. I’m going to break down the process for this design in another post.

The colours changed a lot but I settled on these four in the end. They’re fun and bright and a little bit different.

sewing notions

If you like them, I would really appreciate a vote in the contest – VOTE HERE! You can also view the fabric on Spoonflower, but it won’t be available to buy until I get some test swatches.

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