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Weekend Wrap Up

Finished building my armchair so now I can have two people visit at the same time :)

I actually took a bit of time off this week, to hang out with Claire, go shopping in Glasgow, buy an armchair and put it together. I have a few people planning visits this summer so at least they can all sit down now. Can you believe I took this photo at 8:30pm? I can’t get over how bright my flat is all day! Hoping to get along to the Highland Games today if the weather holds – should be fun!

Things I’ve enjoyed this week

I look forward to Revenge every week as it’s the perfect blend of hilarious over-the-top nonsense and well-acted drama with fancy fashion choices. Season 3 just ended and was an absolute triumph – pretty much everyone is involved in their own vastly complicated revenge schemes and they’ve blown apart some of the main storylines that other shows would drag out for another few seasons. There have been some dull plots but how can you not forgive a show that managed to successfully pull off an amnesia storyline, have a character parachute into a swank garden party and wear a t-shirt with their own mugshot on it? If you haven’t had the pleasure, you should binge watch the whole series over the summer.

Game of Thrones
No spoilers ahead! I don’t write about GoT much because, as a long time book reader, it’s difficult not to inadvertently spoil stuff. But the TV show has been diverging from the books quite a lot this season, as well as edging into stuff that hasn’t been published yet, so it’s really becoming its own thing and giving readers plenty surprises too. I still hope we get to read the ending first, but chances are they’ll be very different experiences anyway. Season 4 has some of my very favourite book moments so I’ve been enjoying the hell out of it this year – I have pretty much been waiting ten years to see last week’s final scene and it was pretty much perfect. Still some incredible stuff left to happen in the next two weeks and then I’ll be very interested to see how they adapt the next two books. A lot of readers find them quite boring compared to the earlier books, but they’re really just more detailed and sprawling – hopefully the show writers can pull out an interesting condensed version. I can’t wait anyway!

Recent Purchases

IMG_3985 My apple Rocket Dogs fell apart recently but I found daisy ones for half price!

Apple tin from Tiger (to match my favourite tray!), IKEA Brakig bowls (‘cos I broke one of my other ones), Daisy Field Rocket Dogs (lucky TK Maxx find).

Links I Loved

Shopify did a feature on some of their earliest signups, including The Bellwether. I was highly amused by the screenshot of the very first Miso Funky shop they included – my Shopify design skills have come a long way!
– Really enjoying Danny’s new Japan blog, Whimsical Boy, especially this Rilakkuma video.
– Laura of Bugs and Fishes visited the Fashion & Textile Museum in London recently – definitely need to add that to my visit list.
– Super cute Petit Lapin bunny art exhibition pics at Mochimochi Land.
Lego Zelda is not happening. Look at those mockups and scream WHY?!?!

News, Offers and Reminders

– New Solar System badges and Cookie Cute gift wrap are in store now.
– Free shipping worldwide at my Society6 shop through Sunday with that link only.
– 15% off at my Zazzle store through Sunday with the code DEAL4FATHERS.
– My £1 Zine Sale is still on – go download some stuff for cheap.


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