Tapestry Update

Finished bargello long stitch

One project down! I finished my tapestry and I’m really happy with it. I enjoyed this project a lot and would definitely recommend one of these kits. Long stitch is even easier and quicker than normal tapestry so it’s great for beginners, and it’s easy to pick up for short bursts since the pattern doesn’t change. I especially liked that they cut all the wool into perfect size strands to make things even easier. My new bigger frame was also brilliant, if a little unwieldy, and the finished piece is perfectly straight with no distortion.

Nearly finished! You can see how out of sync the printed pattern is with the fabric too. I don't know why they bother.

Above is minutes before completion – I just wanted to point out how out of sync the pattern was to the actual stitching. I had the same issue with the Anna Maria Horner kit I started tapestry with and I’m starting to wonder why they bother printing on to the fabric if it’s not even useful as a guide. That goes double for this kit which has a completely symmetrical repeat pattern so once you get the hang of it you never need to refer to anything again, just count the stitches.


The kit is by Vervaco and I got mine on sale from Stitcher, along with the tapestry frame. I usually order from Sew and So though, who have the kits too and ship really fast and cheaply. I just ordered a cushion back and a cushion from them so it should soon look like the promo image and I can get some use out of it. I will be sure to report back on that.

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