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August Challenges

asking for trouble

So I seem to have signed up for two daily challenges this month, despite the fact that I will be taking a couple of weeks off. Oh well, I will just do them at my own pace. First up is a month in the life of my business, a daily photo challenge set by Create & Thrive.


The prompts are quite interesting so it should be fun. Today’s prompt is workspace, and I’ve been shunning my studio recently, partly because it is insanely hot in there when the sun’s out and also so I can watch the Commonwealth Games while I do the boring stuff like cut origami paper and fold gift wrap and package cards.


I also signed up for Spoonflower’s Month of Drawing. I’ve been getting back to my sketchbook recently after a long break and I could do with some motivation to try new things. Chances are I will not be sharing everything, but we’ll see.

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