Craft Fair Prep

Figured I should probably do some prep for this local craft fair on Saturday. At least my card carousel still works.

With two days to go until my next craft fair, I figured I should probably start getting organised! I haven’t done a market since Renegade* almost a whole year ago, and I’ve since moved house, so there was a lot to find and remember. Luckily, the event is pretty small scale and just around the corner, so there’s not much pressure. Most of my time has been spent updating my magnetic board and House of Brooches!

market prep

It’s always hard deciding what to bring, especially to a whole new audience, but I’m mainly packing the popular stuff (cards, pick ‘n’ mix badges, magnetic notepads, brooches), the newest things (paper-cut notebooks, gift wrap) and a few talking points like my Spoonflower swatches, Japan book and 5 Year Diary testers.

If you happen to be in the Helensburgh area, you can find me in the church next to the old post office (there’s a big banner up already) from 10am-3pm.

House of Brooches has had an update too!

*I’m sad to say I haven’t applied to Renegade this year as I can’t afford it, especially now I’m back saving for Japan. I had an amazing time last year, but the cost of train fares and hotel rooms is really a killer. I will have at least one more market in Helensburgh before Christmas, and would love to do something in Glasgow or Edinburgh, but there’s still a real lack of any decent markets that suit my products. So, if you really want to see my stuff in person, think about getting the train over!

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