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2015 Wall Calendar

2015 wall calendar

I’ve never offered a yearly wall calendar before, but I’ve been feeling the need for one in my house as my iPhone calendar is just not working out for me any more. Sure, I could buy one but Lulu offers them on-demand quite affordably so I figured I’d do that.

It started out pretty simple and then I got a bit carried away and there are all sorts of fun backgrounds to make it more exciting! Hopefully you can see the preview thing below. If not, go here!

You can buy them on-demand from Lulu for £12 each. I will be ordering one for myself soon and if any UK folks are interested, I can get a few extra. Lulu do regional printing/shipping worldwide so no-one has to pay crazy shipping (and Lulu go WAY over the top with packaging so no worries on that front either).

While we’re talking calendars, I got my swatches for next year’s all-new calendar designs so I will share those soon….

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