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World Egg Day

Apparently it's World Egg Day today?! This guy says it's about time he got the spotlight.

I don’t think I’m going to blog on Sundays because it feels like a ‘waste’ of a good post and I couldn’t bring myself to schedule in any of the posts I have ready. I don’t know if people really are on the internet less at the weekend but it seems like it.

Anyway, here’s some Fried Eggs if you are around. Lulu informed me it was World Egg Day on Friday (which WHAT?) so I put together some of my favourite products.

Tote Bag (free shipping today with that link!) | Cross stitch patternCoin purse | Duvet cover

According to that photo, we have been sewing my purses the wrong way around! I will have to correct that on the next batch :)

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