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I’ve been having some major issues with DENY Designs lately, and I can’t recommend you buy anything of mine there until they can be bothered to answer my multiple emails and let me fix my artwork! Luckily for everyone, Society6 have also added duvet covers, shower curtains and rugs recently and until Sunday you can get free shipping worldwide and $5 off almost everything with that link only!


All my current designs are now available on all the new products. The duvet covers look so comfy and are a lot more affordable at around £70, especially since they’re included in the free shipping deals. The shower curtains are hilarious – I would love anyone who would consider putting my ghost up in their bathroom!

society6 clocks

I also added some fun new product options for recent designs, like my Solar System characters and 5 A Day fruit and veg. I want both these clocks! And there’s new characters too, including collage Cakeify and the whole Cookie Cute gang! Those are rugs below – so fun. More to come soon but go check it all out.

society6 rugs

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