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There’s been lots going on behind the scenes in my shop and my desk is a mess of just-opened parcels, surrounded by piles of empty boxes and misprinted notepads.

seasonal fruit and veg fridge magnets

Firstly, my seasonal fruit and veg magnets are back in stock! A lot of people have been asking about them and I managed to get some more that are good quality. I don’t have that many so don’t hang about.

New inside print!

There’s also something new about my Happy Birthday in Space cards – printing inside! I love adding designs inside and this card has been so popular, I thought it was about time. Still the same price too – just £2, or any 2 cards for £3.

Less excitingly, my Busy Bee Organisers are out of stock and I’m not sure if I’ll get more before Christmas. With anything that’s out of stock, do sign up to be notified when they’re back (you’ll find the option on the product’s page) as getting a bunch of those emails will always bump things up the re-order list.

More exciting news to come!

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