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November Round-up


Still refusing to post on Sundays so this is a day late on purpose!

Fave 5 from the blog

New things in the shop – my new Jammie Dodger brooches are already popular!
Project Window Seat, sharing plans for a new project with my dad.
My Most Popular Free Downloads – go get the Christmas freebies.
– The opening of Penny Black, with my design work.
– My newest collaboration – decals and wallpaper with Walls Need Love.

Links I Loved

Almost 3 hours of Gameboy start screens, alphabetically! This is killing me. Still my favourite console ever and all the music is amazing. The mere sound of the Alfred Chicken theme tune made my brain go into ultra panic mode (most frustrating game ever!!).
– I want to do all these Solar System walks.
Bill Drummond, always interesting.
The joy of England’s railway stations. Would buy the book if it was about Scotland too.
– Emma’s pretty Scandi-style perler bead ornaments almost made me regret selling off all my beads.
– Yep, I still really want to go to Kagoshima
– I enjoyed Twinkie Chan’s photo post about Hello Kitty Con
– Siansburys made the cutest little painting kit in a tin.

Added to my Wishlist


Wooden Saturn Necklace | Cherry Cardigan
Northern Delights | Sumikko Gurashi bag (look at its little arms and legs!)


I haven’t finished a single book this month! My brain is fried from Christmas order madness and being woken up multiple times a night by my insane replacement iPhone (thankfully now replaced too). I’ve mostly been dipping into the piles of magazines I haven’t had time to read since September and catching up on Instapaper and blogs.


Glasgow: The Outsiders
Cool little documentary about the 1980s Glasgow indie music scene. I would have liked it to be about an hour longer, but it was still pretty great and features lots of familiar faces and places. It’s on 4OD for another couple of weeks if you want to see it.

Cosmonauts: How Russia Won the Space Race
I almost ran of out time to watch this on iPlayer (top tip – if you download programmes to the app you get an extra month and if you get down to the last few hours, you can start watching it to get another 24 hours). I’m glad I made the time though as it was fascinating. I am fairly obsessed with US space history but the Russian side is just as interesting, especially now they’ve started making video footage public. I’ve seen this in the TV schedule before so look out for it. I just found this whole Space Race collection of programmes while I was on the iPlayer site.

Maps: Power, Plunder and Possession
As well documented here, I love maps and this was a really interesting look at maps in history. Three programmes was way too short though – I was expecting there to be more. I’ve had Jerry Brotton’s book on my wishlist for a while and want it even more now. I had a ticket to see him talk at the book festival last year but I couldn’t go post-hospital. Doubly disappointed about that now.

What Did Lovefilm send me?

Still not the next season of Parks & Recreation. Instead I got S2 of Veep, which was pretty great, but it’s just no Thick of It. Also Frozen which I was surprised to find utterly tedious. I’m not a big Disney fan, but it’s not even as good as Tangled! They’ve just sent me True Detective though, so looking forward to seeing if it lives up to the hype.


Just Animal Crossing. It’s still pretty exciting as I’m getting lots of new villagers, building new community projects and waiting over-excitedly for Snowman season.


Mainly still listening to Capsule on a loop. Turns out their banging electro club tunes era is what gets me through order packing.

How was your month?


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