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Thanks for all the orders this weekend! Still to do all the postage - no way I'll get outside before sunset.

I think I’m hitting peak Christmas order madness now and I haven’t had much time for anything else. It’s all just a blur of order packing and stock re-ordering and general panic. Anyway, here’s some photos from the last few weeks that I haven’t shared on the blog. Above is the results of Black Friday weekend – thank you for all your orders!

These postcards are disappointingly bendy! Free one with every order until they're gone. Still free shipping worldwide til midnight tonight in my shop and on etsy too!

Sometimes in a panic I order the wrong thing. I don’t think these should have been described as postcards as they would crumple up if you put them in the mail! Sturdier ones are on the way, but all orders will be getting a free bendy cookie ornament until I run out.

Busy cutting out all these purses for sewing. Can you spot some new designs?

Much more successful was a yard of new coin purse pieces. Most of these are for a wholesale order, but you might spot a couple of new designs that my mum will be sewing up soon for my shop.

Evil Snowman is my favourite.

I don’t get out of the house before dark most days now, but at least all the Christmas lights are cheering things up! This is my favourite – evil snowman. Every year they do a kids contest to design a new light for the square and they are all pretty awesome. The normal lights are quite nice too – I keep failing to get a photo of the amazing Welcome to Helensburgh one.

Miniature Christmas ponies at the winter festival!

I did run out on Sunday to have a look around the Winter Festival. Mostly it was just stalls selling things I didn’t need, but there were miniature ponies in Christmas hats and a hilariously miniature ice rink as well.

You have no idea how excited I am to now have a door on my shed! My bike finally has a home.

One of my few disappointments with this flat is that the shed didn’t have a door so I couldn’t store my bike there. I casually mentioned it to the landlord and they really did come round and put a door on. Of course, the chances of me actually going out on my bike before Spring are pretty slim, but at least it’s not sitting around in my living room any more.

I’ve mostly got my Christmas decorations up too, so I will be sharing some pics soon as well as a couple of things to make.


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