Behind The Scenes

I should really do something about all this soon.

I’ve been re-ordering a lot of products that sold out over Christmas and my desk has been piling up with things to package and make. I took a few photos while I worked so here’s a peek behind the scenes.

Peeling protective paper off ghosts this afternoon. These three think they're cool.

Peeling the protective paper off my brooches is fairly tedious, but my ghosts seem to always make it fun. These three have been trying out some face paint.


I’m trying to retire my colour printer and instead getting things printed professionally. The amount of time and effort I save not having to print and cut out stickers for my gift wrap sets and letter sets makes it well worth the money.

Stamp stamp stamp all afternoon :)

I’ve been doing a lot of stamping too, getting some more notebooks ready for painting and felt hearts, and making a load of envelopes for your brooch, stamp and badge orders. Having a whole flat to spread out in has really helped my stamping accuracy – I don’t think I messed up a single one!

Which is bad news for bargain hunters, but there’s still a few good wonky bargains left in my Sample Sale.

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