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If you remember, one of my resolutions is to read all the unread books on my shelves. I went round and took notes and was very surprised to discover there are a mere 12! I guess my pre-moving decluttering was more successful than I realised.

I’ve added them all to the To Read shelf of my Goodreads account so I can see them all and hopefully have them moved to the Read shelf by the end of the year. Here’s a list and why I haven’t read them yet.

A History of the World in Twelve Maps by Jerry Brotton
Northern Delights – A Guide to the Hidden Joys of the North of England by Anne Ward
These were Christmas presents so fair enough.

Bust DIY Guide to Life: Making Your Way Through Every Day
Kawaii!: Japan’s Culture of Cute
I’ve read bits of both of these and could have left them off, since they’re more for dipping into, but I want to make sure I have a proper look through and read some of the articles.

S. by J.J. Abrams & Doug Dorst
Being JJ Abrams, this is a book within a book within an art project and not really good for taking anywhere. There’s the actual book story and then another story told though margin notes and postcards, tickets and other ephemera stuffed throughout the book.

Equator by Thurston Clarke
I have no idea why I haven’t read this. I enjoyed his book about islands and it’s a fairly light paperback. Just Kindle laziness.

Atlas of Remote Islands by Judith Schalansky
I have two copies of this – a beautiful huge hardback and a small paperback I got on sale to actually read. I’m sure I’ll enjoy this, but it’s not light reading.

The Illuminatus! Trilogy Robert Shea & Robert Anton Wilson
Infamous conspiracy novel that I’ve had forever but barely looked at. Re-brought to my attention by insane KLF book.

The Tale of Genji: Scenes from the World’s First Novel by Murasaki Shikibu & Masayuki Miyata
I’ve tried to read the actual Tale of Genji a few times, but the enormous hardback always sent me to sleep. I got this illustrated excerpts book in Dublin years ago so I should read it and then get the full thing as an ebook.

Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock ‘n’ Roll Group by Ian F. Svenonius
I’ve read about a third of this, but it needs to be read in one go in the right mind.

New Spring by Robert Jordan
Wheel of Time prequel that I just bought at the weekend in a charity shop since it was cheaper than the ebook.

Love at First Stitch: Demystifying Dressmaking by Tilly Walnes
I know I said I wouldn’t buy this until I’d made my skirt, but I’m feeling demoralised about dressmaking so hopefully starting back at the beginning will help.

I’ll be adding a reading update to my monthly updates so we’ll see how I get on. I’d say this is easy, but a lot of these books are BIG and HEAVY and so not enjoyable to read in bed, and I have quite a few unread ebooks that will be far more tempting.


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