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On-Demand Customer Envy

While I love being able to sell my designs on amazing products through on-demand sites, I can’t afford to buy many things for myself. Whenever I get a sale email from Zazzle or check my sales on Society6, it’s both exciting and envy-inducing! Here’s a few things people have been buying recently that made me go, I want that too!

solar system bag

I think a Society6 tote bag is next on my purchase list and I’m glad someone else loves my Solar System characters.

society6 duvets

These duvet covers and pillows were all sold on the same day so I really hope it was all one order and someone has the cutest bedrooms ever. Can I come and visit? I have a weird IKEA sized duvet so I can’t have one of these, but that makes me want one even more.


I don’t really need any more mugs, but these would brighten up my mornings, and they’re really good quality too – my dad has a planet one.


Zazzle‘s products never look quite as spiffy as Society6 onscreen, but everything I’ve ordered has been great, and they have so many awesome products. Good picks here. I especially love that someone bought my Halloween gift wrap! On-demand is perfect for things like that where, even when I’m designing it, I’m thinking ‘no-one but me will want this’. The sticky notes are on my wishlist too – I need to add some more characters to those soon. And the totes are pretty basic, but super cheap too.

I do have some Zazzle commission to spend, so I might order a few bits for my birthday next month. If you ever buy something, do send me photos!

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