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Birthday Fun


I wasn’t expecting much excitement on my actual birthday as I was working, I’m going to see all my family over Easter and I’m mostly looking to add to my Japan fund anyway. But I had an awesome day!

Yoyo the Rice-corpse bunnies!

I got up extra early to open my parcels and got lots of cuteness and bunnies. You can read a bit more about them over at Super Cute Kawaii later today.

Then the doorbell rang and I was handed a giant box from Penny Black containing…a balloon! I totally burst out laughing.

OMG a box of mini birthday cakes in the post from @tinyotterpaws. I'm having a great birthday :)

It was followed by another delivery – a box full of fresh mini cakes from Sponge. This was Claire’s doing too, and perfect as I actually didn’t have any cake in the house. She made good choices and they’re all nice so far, though more frosting on top would have been even better.


I also got a £10 voucher from Boden so I bought myself this cute stripey t-shirt, and Zazzle sent me a $10 voucher so I finally got around to ordering some of my Sunflower ribbon for my curtain tie backs.


I had a fun birthday party in Animal Crossing too, hanging out with (some of) my bunnies in their cute party hats.

Birthday cake and coffee at Penny Black

On Thursday I went into Glasgow to get my hair cut and dropped off some Solar System gift wrap at Penny Black (go get some, Westenders!), who treated me to coffee and cake, yay! I had a coconut cream sponge domino cake, which was great.

In the afternoon, I went to see The Tale of Princess Kaguya (more on that later) and did a bit of shopping so another fun day all round.

Thanks for all your birthday messages too, and to everyone who did something from my birthday list – much appreciated!

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