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Birthday Felt Art

Just about dragging my birthday out for a month here with another amazing handmade present. My sister Nicolette made this for me and I was both completely surprised and a bit overwhelmed. It’s all hand-sewn on glittery felt!

Birthday Felt Art by my sister

I first thought this was the origin story of how I met Angel Bunny, but actually I think this is the future when me and Angel Bunny take off in our bunny rocket to colonise new planets with the ever-growing Angel Bunny population. I can’t wait.

Birthday Felt Art by my sister

Something this awesome needed to be framed immediately, so I ordered a custom mat from the ever-brilliant Picture Lizard and a matching frame from Amazon. I really like framing black backgrounds with a black mat and black frame. It’s now sitting on my sideboard next to my tapestry Angel Bunny and I might just have to hang them both up on the wall now.

Birthday Felt Art by my sister

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