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New! 5 A Day Gift Wrap

5 a day gift wrap

If you follow me on Instagram, you know all about this as I posted some work in progress there when I got stuck on colours – so many greens! I got it all all worked out though and now there’s a third new wrapping paper design in my shop featuring all your favourite fruits and vegetables. This is an exclusive design to my shops that won’t be available on-demand.

5 A Day Gift Wrap Set

As always, you can buy flat sheets or a gift wrap set with matching tags and stickers. I think the tags are my favourite so far. It was tough deciding who got the front, but the peas won it.

5 A Day gift wrap is up for sale in my shop now and you can pick and mix from all my designs.

I’ve changed up my gift wrap listings in the shop so you can now buy your flat sheets in one place and choose any combination of designs for the same price. I’m hoping to have another 2 designs by the Autumn and then I’ll bring back the half size variety packs too.

Gift Tags

Pick and mix gift tags are in the shop now as well if you just want to order some tiny cards!

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